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Our mission Is to ensure that under privileged children with special needs and their families receive the financial support and resources to afford the necessary therapy, enabling these children to reach their full potential and live happier lives. 


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MSNF was created by Maddie Pettigrosso following her fourth daughter Victoria’s traumatic illness. Victoria, who was born a normal healthy 6.5 lb baby, began experiencing multiple seizures at the age of eighteen months old causing her to regress to a three month old baby. At this point she became a special needs little girl. The doctors informed the family that Victoria may never walk or talk. Maddie refused to believe that there was no hope and began her life-long therapy journey with Victoria and by doing so she believes that no child should go without special treatments and services because of the family’s financial situation. Although our organization strives to help all children with special needs, families must be eligible for our support. 


What is MSNF

MSNF received its charitable status in 2015 and was created specifically to help under-privileged children receive special treatments, therapy, and services that they so need. MSNF is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with special needs. We are highly committed to filling a void in our community to ensure that these children receive the specialized services, treatments and therapies they require. We rely on donations from individuals, companies, organizations and foundations to help with our mission and goals.  



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 Montreal Special Needs Family Organization

Breakfast Television, Montreal 2018
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Maddie Pettigrosso

President & Founder

Patricia Marshall, Managing Director

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